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Leonard loves to be different. Leonard doesn’t fit the norm for lions, and he behaves contrary to others’ expectations. Leonard dreams and writes poems. He is also a friend with Marianne, a duck! The last time I checked, lions eat duck as delicious meals. Who heard such a pair again? Leonard explores his world and the way the world thinks, and that’s different from his way of thinking.

How to be a Lion is a beautiful book about mindfulness, being true to yourself, the necessity of difference, and respect for others. Ed Vere nails it down once more with this book and the matters he discusses, and that is why he is award-winning and New York Times bestselling writer.

The book can easily be read by kids at the age of 3-7 and more.

Should I read the book for my kid?

You will love the bold, humorous illustrations and the contrast of the colors that will draw the youngest readers’ attention. At the same time, you get an important lesson for children of any age: the notion of being true to yourself no matter what others say or expect.

How to be a lion from Ed Vere is a unique book for young and old readers!

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How to be a Lion

Author: Ed Vere
Illustrator: Ed Vere
ISBN: 978-0141376363