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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your favorite librarian? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of these  amazing gifts that any librarian will love.
From practical gifts to celebrate their love of books and reading, to library-themed accessories and décor, there’s something for every budget and taste on our list. So whether you’re shopping for a librarian friend, colleague, or family member, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to show your appreciation for all the hard work they do.

Practical gifts for librarians

Most people think directly a book or a book themed present. I will start with some practical gifts though. Our librarian friends often have demanding jobs that require them to be on their feet for long hours at a time. This can lead to discomfort and fatigue, which can impact their ability to do their job effectively. As a result, gifts that help librarians stay comfortable and organized can be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.

A comfortable office chair with good lumbar support and adjustable height

A comfortable office chair with good lumbar support and adjustable height is an important investment for anyone who spends long hours sitting at a desk, and this is especially true for librarians.

Although it can be an expensive gift, a good office chair can help alleviate back pain and discomfort, and the adjustable height allows you to customize the chair to your body and workstation.

A footrest to help alleviate pressure on their feet and legs

Librarians, often spend long hours on their feet, which can be tiring and uncomfortable. A footrest can be a great gift because it helps alleviate pressure on feet and legs, allowing them to stay comfortable and supported while working.

Overall, a footrest is a simple but effective gift that can make a big difference in a librarian’s daily work.

A planner or organizer to help them keep track of their tasks and appointments

A planner or organizer can be a valuable gift for any librarian because it helps them keep track of their tasks and appointments. As a librarian, you are likely very busy, with a lot of tasks and responsibilities to manage. A planner or organizer can help you stay on top of your workload and ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines or appointments.

A set of noise-canceling headphones to help them focus in a busy library environment

As a librarian, you may work in a busy and noisy environment, which can make it difficult to focus and concentrate on your tasks.

A set of noise-canceling headphones can be a valuable gift because they help you focus and block out distracting noises. Noise-canceling headphones create a quiet zone around your ears, allowing you to hear only what you want to hear, so you can use them wherever and whenever you need to block out distractions and concentrate on your work.

Those noise-canceling headphones can be a valuable gift for some people, but other may not like it (due to blocking the environment noise). In addition there are many to choose from. I would go to a price tag over $100 here.

A desk lamp to help them see clearly while working

Good lighting is essential for comfortable and efficient work – especially with books!

A desk lamp can be a valuable gift because it provides focused and adjustable lighting, allowing you to see clearly and avoid eye strain.

A good desk light should have an adjustable arm and shade, so you can direct the light exactly where you need it. This can help you see your work more clearly, and reduce the glare and reflections that can cause eye strain. Additionally, USB charging could be a life saver.

Check out our articles about reading lights and if your friend is a Harry Potter fan then check our Wizarding World’s lamps.

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A standing desk converter to give them the option of standing or sitting at their desk

A standing desk converter is a valuable gift because it allows you to easily switch between standing and sitting at your desk.

These converters are devices that attach to your existing desk, and allow you to adjust the height of your work surface so you can work standing up. Not all people prefer that but it may help you avoid prolonged sitting.

Gifts that celebrate the love of reading

Librarians are passionate about reading, so gifts that celebrate this love, such as book-themed accessories or a book club membership, can be a great choice.

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Between the pages is a lovely place to be – Canvas Tote Bag

These can be a fun and practical way for librarians to show off their love of reading while on the go. A book-themed tote bag.

This original hand lettered tote bag is simple, stylish, and perfect for nearly any occasion. The creamy oatmeal color and typographic design on the front make it a standout, and the sturdy, 100% cotton material ensures it can hold all of your favorite books, supplies, or even groceries. 

Book-themed mugs

If you’re looking for a funny gift for an avid reader, look no further. There is always a mug with a large, easy-to-grip handle – and the perfect companion for your coffee or tea

Have a look at our list of book-themed mugs or tumblers (we also have some mugs for the Harry Potter fans). These can be a great way for librarians to enjoy their favorite hot beverage while they curl up with a good book.

Book Lover Heart Shape reading club Librarian Library

This book-themed tee is thoughtful, unique, and perfect for any occasion. Whether they’re a reading enthusiast, book collector, or librarian, this design is sure to be a hit. It’s perfect for your book club meetings or work at the library or bookstore.

This unisex tee is 100% cotton for the solid colors and there is a huge variety of colors to choose from. 

You may also have a look at the Tank Top, Zip Hoodie, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, or Pullover Hoodie.

Abibliophobia – Funny Reading Bookworm Reader Gift T-Shirt

As with the one above this book-themed tee is funny and perfect for the reading enthusiast, or librarian.

This unisex tee is 100% cotton for the solid colors and there is a huge variety of colors to choose from. 

Book Lover Vinyl Sticker “My Weekend is All Booked”

Featuring a pile of books and the playful text “My Weekend is All Booked!”, this sticker is perfect for sticking on laptops, water bottles, cars, bikes, and more.

Made with durable vinyl and a protective laminate, this sticker is scratch-resistant, rain-resistant, and sunlight-resistant.

All these great librarian related gifts make it hard to pick just one to buy. We’ve got different options for you to take your pick from, and it’s hard not to want them all.

FAQs on Librarian Gifts &  Buying Tips

Why a book related gift for a librarian?

Books play a central role in the lives of librarians, both professionally and personally. As custodians of knowledge and information, librarians are dedicated to promoting literacy and making books accessible to their patrons. In their personal lives, many librarians are avid readers who have a deep love and appreciation for literature. A gift of a book (or books) can be a meaningful and appreciated gesture for a librarian, as it not only celebrates their passion for reading, but also supports their professional mission to promote literacy and access to books. Whether you choose a new release from their favorite author, a classic work of literature, or a book on a topic they are interested in, a gift of a book is sure to be appreciated and treasured by any librarian.

What to gift someone who likes reading books?

Consider giving someone who enjoys reading, a book by their favorite author or a book that has been on their wish list. Consider giving them a book-themed item, such as a bookmark or a book-themed cup.

What should I get my bookworm friend?

Consider giving your bookworm buddy a book or a book-themed item, as indicated above. Consider giving them a bookshop gift card or an e-book subscription so they may chose their own books.

What do you give an avid reader?

A book or book-themed item would make an excellent present for an ardent reader. Consider giving them a bookshop gift card or an e-book subscription, or a present that would help them enjoy their reading, such as a comfy reading chair or a reading lamp.

What are some tips on best gifts for Public Librarians?

Books by their favorite authors, book-themed objects, and presents that help them enjoy their reading are all excellent gifts for public librarians. You might also try giving them a bookshop gift card or an e-book subscription.

What are some tips on best gifts for School Librarians?

Consider giving or books on educational issues to school librarians. 

What are some tips on best gifts for Academic Librarians?

Consider giving books on themes relating to their field of study or books by their favorite authors to academic librarians. Consider giving them book-themed things or presents that will encourage them to read.

What are bookish items?

Bookish objects are books-related goods such as bookmarks, book-themed cups, and bookstands. These things would make excellent gifts for book enthusiasts.

What do bookworms love?

Bookworms like books, but they also adore book-themed goods and anything that enhances their reading experience. Consider giving them a reading chair, a reading lamp, or a bookmark as a present.