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Axel Scheffler‘s Pip and Posy: Look and Say is a beautiful observation book for children from 10 months to 3 years old.

The book is an exciting addition to the Pip and Posy series.

Our favorite heroes find themselves in 12 lovely illustrated rooms. Those rooms appear in many different environments, with a variety of everyday life objects.

At the bottom of the pages, you will find items, animals, or elements. Your kid needs to identify them in the more prominent illustration of the book.

Be sure that those items will test your child’s observation and keep her interested for a long time (until she grows up a bit).

Imagine those sceneries: Pip and Posy in the city, at home, in the snow, at the playground, in nature. All these will give a chance to your kid to find a swing, a snail, a pigeon, a fork, an apple, and so on.

Should I read the book for my kid?

The book is beautiful, with the familiar Axel Sheffler illustrations, clear pictures, and a comprehensive collection of items to find.

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