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Book Review: Goodnight Already!

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“Mom, Dad, I can’t sleep!” sounds familiar? “Goodnight Already!” is a beautiful story by Jory John, inspired by real events (of course). John, along with one of my favorite authors and illustrators, Benji Davies, created an E. B. White Read-Aloud honored book in the illustrated children’s book category.

The sweet brown Bear is exhausted. All he wants is to go to sleep, and so he climbs the wooden staircase for his warm bed. What’s more disruptive when you sleep that a knock on the door. Bear wears his purple robe and welcomes Duck! Duck is Bear’s persistent next-door neighbor, who wants to play cards, watch a movie, or make juice, write songs, or even talk all night.

Oh, I can certainly relate to the poor Bear. My eyes… His eyes are heavy, but Duck wants to do stuff!

John manages to create a character (Duck) to ask for annoying things, but you cannot dislike him.

Should I read the book for my kid?

If you are looking for a good read in your evening nights, get “Goodnight Already!” hug your little angel and read it together. If your kid is in the 3-5 age she will love it. My kids did.

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Goodnight Already!

Author: Jory John
Illustrator: Benji Davies
ISBN: 978-0062286208

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